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We set up Public Relations Oxford in 2016 because we were fed up of having to trek into London to do any networking (get out your tiny violins). 

We sent out some emails, booked a venue and some speakers and were frankly astonished when quite a lot of people turned up and said they wanted more events like that.  

For the next few years we ran quarterly events on such varied topics as fake news, Gen Z and public affairs. In the process, we grew a brilliant community of interested, collaborative people. 

And where are we now? As all the cool kids are, we’re hybrid: running both virtual and in-person events. Emma and Grace run Public Relations Oxford and, with the help of our brilliant sponsors Venn Group and the CIPR Greater London Group, we create engaging and exciting events, scintillating content and a beautiful and informative newsletter.

You can get in touch with us here.*

*Top tip: references to Taylor Swift and baked goods usually mean we get to your email faster.


Who Are the People Behind OXPR?



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